Song: Cardi B – Money

Song: Cardi B - Money Free Mp3 and Mp4 Download 'Fakaza Video'

Download Money By Cardi B Mp3, Stream Free Mp4 Video

Artiste Name: Cardi B
Song Name: Money
Release Date: January 2019
Featured Artiste(s): Nill
Download Format: Free mp3 & mp4 (Video available.)
Mp3 Quality: 320 Kbps
Written By: Fakaza Music & HiphopAfrica

Song: Download Cardi B – Money Free Mp3 and Video Mp4

Does Cardi B really “hate” to be told what she’s gonna do with her own money? Bet shes a money bag.

The American female rapper who also is the ‘Bodak Yellow’ crooner vehemently says she works assiduously for her money, she also stated that she hates it when people criticize her choice of spending big money on some “extravagant” stuff.

Could she actaully be saying the truth when she claims that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) cops off almost half of her money via taxes?

She made an update via her social media page, and on her video update she asked: “Do you know what I hate? I hate when celebrities do something very extravagant or buy something very luxurious and there’s people in the comments like, ‘You could have donated that’, ‘Oh, we’re going backwards – you should have done this and that.’ It’s like, who are you to tell people what to do with their hard working ass money?

She continued; “We get 45 percent [of each pay cheque taken by the IRS so] that means in order to spend 500,000 you’ve got to make at least a million”.

Finally she ended her speech by saying; “Artists like me and a lot of rappers that I know, they literally take care of their whole family and that’s not tax deductible because the IRS don’t consider that ‘a business’. My bills, I’ll say it’s about 300,000, 250,000 every single month. And I try to put it cheaper and it just is not.”

Due to DMCA, the free download link for Cardi B‘s Money is not available on Hiphopafrica Fakaza music and datafilehost.

You may want to download Cardi B‘s Money (on iTunes) and listen to the full song lyrics on Spotify.

The Song by Cardi B , Money is ready for Free Mp3 & Mp4 Download on iTunes, Watch ‘Fakaza Video’.

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