Benjamin Dube’s Live Recording Tickets Are Almost Sold Out

Benjamin Dube’s Live Recording Tickets Are Almost Sold Out

Benjamin Dube’s Live Recording Tickets Are Almost Sold Out

When you talk about some reputable South African gospel singers, the name Benjamin Dube comes to mind. The singer’s full name is Bonani Benjamin Dube, and he is a South African gospel singer, producer, songwriter and also doubles as a pastor. The artiste’s father was late Revd Benjamin Dube (Senior) and his mother, Mrs Grace Dube. Benjamin is the last male child of his parents.

The prolific gospel singer Benjamin Dube, is gearing up to record his newest live recorded DVD with CD, Glory In His Presence, in few weeks time, Friday, 26th July this year. The project’s record session will take place for the first time, at Pretoria, in Time Square, the Sun Arena South Africa. The event has shown to be a highly-awaited one event, and now, the tickets which are currently available for purchase are Block L, M and N.

At first, his followers on 1 July 2019 had asked if the tickets were still available for purchase because they were thinking  thinking that the tickets have been sold completely. Even, some fans who follow the gospel musician on Twitter went as far as tagging him in some good number of tweets, expressing how troubled they were for not being able to purchase their tickets for the event, because they really thought the all the tickets have been sold out.

Well, the first reply of Benjamin Dube was with emojis, he probably did not run some checks at first and thought he was unable to help. But after a few more tweets, which showed thesame disappointment, Benjamin probably had to confirm and then revealed that some tickets are currently available, and each sold at R300. But these remaining tickets are just for a few blocks like L, M and N, all tickets unfortunately have been sold out. When the sale of the tick started, four different prices was available, each allocated section has it’s price but currently, it’s just one more block remaining with empty seats.

After revealing this information to his fans who showed interest in purchasing new tickets, Benjamin Dube also some tweets and with pictures of his followers who successfully bought their own tickets and were very happy on their tweeter pages.

The concert is expected to start off at 18:00. And as you now know, the tickets are currently still available on Computicket, buy yours now.

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